pandemia pandemia


Arno returns home, in a small community that comprises his parents, young Lidia, and her grandfather called Simone. People seem frozen in a long wait for something, wandering around in a voided time where everything seems deserted.
There must have happened something huge and terrible around them.
They talk about a mysterious rain spreading the pandemy.
Months, maybe years have gone by since the contagion spread throughout the population. There is not much drinking water available. The medical emergency is now chronic and the life of the survivors is ruled by strict sanitary regulations while the human relationships are filled with mistrust and suspicion.
Very soon Arno finds himself in an aura of decadence that has grasped everything and decides to leave again. Lidia runs away from home and joins him.
Along the way, Arno and Lidia encounter desolation and violence and yet they find hope and tenderness as well, which lead them toward a purposeless desire of life and redemption in a rotting world until their journey ends and they move beyond, towards new rains.

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